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Matty J

Matty J 4:20am

A hip hop scholar and brilliant wordsmith, MATTY J has been rocking crowds with his powerful onstage persona, rapid-fire flow, and flawless delivery since 2002. He writes what he believes and stays true to himself, hence the alias Knot Lion (get it?).  Since linking with IB and Tekst and forming THC, Matty’s versatility as rapper and ability to fit into all sub-genres of this hip-hop art, from the backpacker’s underground to the mainstream/pop/dance trend, is evidenced with every new song he writes.  His style, cadence, lyrical ability, and intellect are what truly separate Matty J from the rest of the pack of emcees claiming to be original in the game today.  Always with a fresh verse on hand or an in depth song idea, he is why THC starts so many songs and has ended up with such an expansive catalog.   Behind the scenes, Matty J is our IT specialist and handles all website design and maintenance and is also responsible for the filming and editing of almost all the videos on the THC YouTube page