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IB Profyn

IB Profyn 4:20am

IB PROFYN‘s stage presence and charisma is what best describes him.  Seeing him live, with the bright orange blow-out shaking across the stage, anyone can see his dedication to this art.  His passion is also exhibited in his lyrics, creating stories and characters so real that you swore you knew them, at the same time using cryptic vocab that encourages listeners to keep thinking at all times.  His devotion to using music and the arts to depict elaborate stories and convey messages has led him into the theatre realm.  This summer after THC was featured in “First Dark” a play in the NY Fringe Theatre Festival, IB found a second role in “Mirror of the Night” an off-broadway play by the same director.  His ability to capture his audience and draw them in is showcased everywhere from his lyrics to his demeanor on stage, acting or performing.  He is reason to come see THC live.