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The Lookout


The Lookout was released in March 2008.  THC has so been so busy recording in the new Projectivity Basement Studio, they had to release something now or be forced to release a double album the next time around.  The album features some new tracks from the group, and a glimpse at the solo albums that are being prepared by the individual members of the group.  THC shows the progression that they have made musically and lyrically in the time since they released their last album, and encapsulates the high energy that THC has shown the people at their shows over the past few years.  It definitely showcases the live aspect of the group, but still provides the overall message and content The Higher Concept is known so well for. The album will be available in retail across the country and distributed digitally worldwide.

  1. So Now (produced by J. Glaze)
  2. Sometimes (produced by J. Glaze)
  3. Lost in a Daze (produced by J. Glaze)
  4. Each New Experience (produced by J. Glaze)
  5. Peaks and Valleys (produced by J. Glaze)
  6. Meantime (produced by J. Glaze)
  7. Got to Give (produced by J. Glaze)
  8. Rock On ft. Jack Brown and Christina LaRocca (produced by J. Glaze)
  9. Recycled Thoughts (produced by Phenom for Mental Instruments)
  10. Nowadays (produced by J. Glaze)
  11. What Would I Is It Me ft NYOIL (produced by J. Glaze)
  12. Is It Me (produced by J. Glaze)