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Got THC?


The Higher Concept’s new “Got THC?” is a rhythmic tour de force that attests to the keen musical instincts of the men at its helm. Armed with Matty J’s gift for melody and rhyme, IB Profyn’s knack for storytelling, Tekst’s meticulous production know-how and silent partner J. Glaze’s crafty beats, THC has continued evolving on it’s third release, following 2005’s “Figure It Out” and last year’s “The Lookout EP.” The latest chapter in THC’s musical journey combines the essential ingredients of classic underground Hip-Hop with a smorgasbord of ingenious samples that reveal an inherent grasp of something lost on mainstream urban culture long ago: samples exist to compliment songs, not create them. From the hook-heavy single, “House of Dreams” featuring guest vocals by JoyLuv to the bluesy, contemplative “Talk to Me” to the freewheeling spirit of “Coast to Coast,” THC has crafted an undeniably accessible collection of tunes that’s devoid of tedious male showboating and aimless egomaniacal chant. The ten tracks on “Got THC?” deliver a bewitching concoction of good times and cautionary social criticism while straddling the lines between soul, jazz and pop, proving once and for all that fun and fundamentals needn’t be mutually exclusive. Another standout track, “Less Talk, More Walk,” serves as a quintissential THC call to arms, urging listeners to, “Rise up and open your eyes up,” while warning that, “Movement doesn’t mean progress / Progress doesn’t mean success / You can choose to believe what you please / But if you take it easy / You’ll achieve much less.” It’s difficult to argue with such succinctly stated ideologies, especially when they’re served up on a platter of infectious, circularly-churning beats.

  1. All in a Days Work (Prod. by E-Flat)
  2. House of Dreams ft. Joyluv (Prod. by J. Glaze)
  3. Zonin ft. Crucial Tactics (Prod. by J. Glaze)
  4. Coast to Coast (Prod. by Flip)
  5. Less Talk More Walk (Prod. by J. Glaze)
  6. Talk to Me (Prod. by Cufx)
  7. When (Prod. by J. Glaze)
  8. I Don’t Know Why (Prod. by J. Glaze)
  9. Sayin My Name ft. Flip and Crucial Tactics (Prod. by J. Glaze)
  10. Right Where I Need to Be (Prod. by J. Glaze)