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In addition to constantly recording music and trying to spread The Higher Concept name, THC has also taken the time to spearhead the PROJECTIVITY movement.  This is a movement of like-minded artists stretching far beyond the reach of just the 3 emcees in the group.  The movement has grown steadily over the last year, and has participants from all walks of life and with all different careers and passions, including musicians, artists, teachers, writers, designers, chefs, architects, etc.  It is an ever-growing movement with projects forming all the time; all of which The Higher Concept is involved with.

Projectivity Mission Statement:

Projectivity is about progress through education and development. It involves building ideas on top of existing foundations for learning. It is the movement that will carry our music, as well as many other forms of media forward, and will draw the attention of the public and inspire our audience. It is also about expressing ideas that are unfamiliar and unpopular to society, but in a practical manner so that the creative process itself becomes the object of respect and emulation for the next generation. Our music and this movement stress mental development, constant elevation, perpetual motion, and chronic progression; an awareness of a mind state beyond conventional wisdom and typical themes found in today’s society. It is about teaching, finding new ways to educate if not inform, or at very least suggest various theories, philosophies, and dreams expressing the human experience. In time the manifestation of Projectivity will be revealed through the contribution of anyone around the globe who is willing to participate.

Projectivity is working towards forming a network of like-minded artists across the United States to unite over the common goals of spreading positive messages through the arts, with a focus on quality creative hip hop music. This network of artists will make it easier to spread music throughout the country through groups who have similar fan bases. It will also make it easier to set up tour dates across the country through artists involved with our movement that have local connections to venues and fan bases. As of now Projectivity has members pushing positive messages through hip hop music and culture in Staten Island, New York City, Syracuse, Buffalo, Vermont, Connecticut, and Boston. We are always looking for new members who feel that they fit in with our message and goals, be you an artist, musician, designer, or anyone following there passion and doing what they love to do. So hit us up and get involved. Together we can make an impact….

Cloudkicker Original cloudkickers.com twitter/cloudkickers
Fresh clothing line from Staten Island inspired by graffiti and the love of hiphop.  Mike D is always busy with new promotions and events, so check out the blog for everything dope and fresh!

Mike Cash myspace/mikecash123 twitter/mikecash123
Dope NYC producer who frequents the House of Dreams and has been laying down the illy beats for a while.  Look soon for a THC and Mike Cash project, because we have been making too many hits to have them sitting forever!  The music speaks for itself.  Cash also plays bass for our band, The Contraband, so download him AND come see him live!

Remedy remedyross.com
Remedy from Wu-Tang owns The View studio on Staten Island, and has been holding down the Island for many a year.  Always making moves around the city, check him at a venue near you soon!

Mental Instruments mentalinstruments.com
Tekst and THC have been working with Mental Instruments for years, and Phenom has done nothing but grind in the time we have known him.  He is one of the hardest working men on the Island, and he has nothing but

Flip myspace.com/flipdiscripped
Flip is a motivated and extremely technical producer, and always gets the best out of every artist he works with.  He truly loves the music, and has a vision and scope that encompasses all facets of the creative and business processes.  Check him out NOW!

Sophistafunk myspace/sophistafunkband twitter/sophistafunkny
Sophistafunk is a live hiphop funk band, and great friends of THC and Projectivity.  Jack Brown has been featured on many a THC track (check he downloads section), and Adam Gold and Emanuel Washington provide him a canvas on which to paint when he’s not in the studio with us.  You can check out Sophistafunk on iTunes

JoyLuv myspace/joyluvnyc twitter/joyluv
JoyLuv is an amazingly talented singer and songwriter from NYC’s Lower East Side, and has provided her vocal stylings on many THC songs , most notably “House of Dreams”!! Having worked with many major labels and production companies, Joy knows her way around a track and a studio!! Check her out!

Emilio Sparks emiliosparks.com twitter/emiliosparks
Emilio is a DJ, Radio Personality, and all around funnyman.  He has a show on WSIA 88.9 every Tuesday, and DJ around the city the rest of the week!  Check out his blog and all his past interviews! (Interview with THC is in the videos section)

Michel Aubertin myspace/michelaubertin
Michel, aka Rastaman, is an energetic and explosive performer, both on stage and in the studio.  His most recent album was executive produced by our own J. Glaze, so check that out on iTunes and go see him live in NYC!

End of Era eoenyc.com yoostar.com twitter/eoenyc
Anthony at EOE has become a great friend and supporter of the Projectivity Movement.  He is constantly busy with his business, but somehow always seems to make it out to our events! Check out what he has going on with his state of the art recording studio and video production studio!

Geordie Wood geordiewood.com twitter/geordiewood
Geordie is a photographer and has done work for too many companies to mention here.  Suffice to say, he just barely has time to be the drummer in our band, The Contraband!  Get at him for all your photography needs, or check his blog!

Stereotype myspace/davenoodlezmusic twitter/davenoodlez
Dave Noodlez and Paulie Marz hold down Stereotype down on Staten Island.  Both are dedicated to the art and fit into Projectivity’s outlook on work and play perfectly.  Check them and all the Stereotype artist out NOW!!

T-Rex Productions  myspace/trexproductioninc twitter/trexproductions
Our friends out in Oakland, CA are making moves and signing big names, including DPG legend Kurupt and NYC freestyle legend Math Hoffa! J. Glaze is the executive producer for both of those artists’ projects, so stay tuned!

AC rareunlimited.com twitter/acondemand
A talented lyricist and marketing genius, AC puts his unique touch on everything he gets his hands on.  Check out his blog and see the million things he has going on!  He has been working with Mike Cash and Glaze for a while now, check out all his music! Most of it for FREE!!

John Colombo vimeo/johncolombo twitter/johncolombo
Music Video Master JC hooked us up with the HOD video, but he has done work with Kurupt, Raekwon, Juelz Santana, Joe Budden, and others.  Holleratchaboy he’ll hook you up with the niceness

Evan Brockett photosaboutnothing.com twitter/evanbrockett
Evan is a rising star photographer, getting busier and busier everyday.  He has been a regular at the HOD for a while now, and blogs and flickr’s daily about his experiences.  He also has been filming a lot of the recent footage you’ve seen of the house, so check him out!

Mike Shane mikeshanephotography.com twitter/mikeshanephoto
Mike Shane is Staten Island’s own nighthawk, barely sleeping a wink.  We’ve seen him show up unannounced (but always welcome) at the HOD at all hours of the night and day, and he’s always in the middle of a dozen projects he’s hyped and ready to discuss and get input and feedback about. Catch him if you can!

Trunkface Records trunkface.com
Scott James holding it down for SI!! Trunkface Records has its fingers in so many creative events it’s hard to keep up.  With open mics, music showcases, local movie screenings, our boy constantly is doing shows around the northeast, check him!

Break Fast Records  breakfastrecords.com
Repping all elements of hiphop, this indie hiphop label is holding down the Baltimore Scene with crazy events and new releases constantly

Audible Hype  audiblehype.com
An innovative new approach to Do It Yourself marketing/promotion, a must see for any small fish trying to make it in this big sea

Mad Chef of M St.    madchefofmstreet.blogspot.com
The Mad Chef everyone needs to know.  Check out the Projectivity chef on a day to day basis and lookout for new developments on the upcoming TV series

Funk ‘n Waffles    funknwaffles.com
What else can you say?  The official site and schedule for the dopest cafe in Syracuse bringing you quality funk and gourmet waffles

Burnt MD and GTD  burntmd.com twitter/burntgtd
Vermont to Brooklyn and beyond, Burnt and the whole GTD crew are holding it down with a new sound of creative hiphop

Mark D myspace/somebodydude
Repping Zudu Records out of Staten Island, Mark D is an active part of the SI hiphop scene.  Check out his album, over 10,000 sold!

Swizzy myspace/swinton twitter/swintonrocks
Swizzy gets it in at the H.O.D. with Mike Cash all day erryday.  Y’all know da name!