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THC x SxSW Trailer

The Higher Concept took an epic road trip to Austin, Tx for the South by South West music festival and Evan Brockett (@Evanbrockett) filmed the whole thing!! Here is the trailer to the Behind The Scene’s documentary we are now working on. Enjoy!!!

Mike Baron
J. Glaze
Christina LaRocca
Matty J
Braden Delanoy
Sal Rametta
Baldwin Brown
Dan Baron
Evan Brockett
Cedric Benson

THC – “Topanga” **OFFICIAL VIDEO**

The 3rd video in the series building up to the release of The Higher Concepts 5th full length LP “Everybody”.  Topanga was shot in DUMBO, Brooklyn and stars actress/model Shana DeAndrea.  Topanga was also featured on the Emilio Sparks, Scumbino’s Way mixtape released in 2011.  The song was produced by Mike Cash and the video was filmed edited and directed by The Higher Concept.

To Download this song for free check out the mixtape at http://www.EmilioSparks.com

IB and Matty J Perform Live with Sophistafunk (VIDEO)

While IB and Matty J were up in Syracuse this week preparing for our “Changes” video shoot with Puma, they stopped in to Funk’n’Waffles to get musical with Sophistafunk!  Matty J had his camera, so of course we filmed everything that went down! Check out a clip of the action below!


The next single off of our new album “EVERYBODY” is “Change” ft. Matt Beilis, produced by Mike Cash and J.Glaze.  The video was directed by Puma at The Program, LLC, and he did an amazing job.  We were on location in Staten Island and Syracuse for this one, and we’d like to thank everyone involved in the shoot!!

You will be able to buy the single AND the video for $.99 on itunes next Tuesday, Feb 7th!

Occupy Wall St.

Does Our Voice Matter? Does Your Voice Matter?

The Occupy Movement started in NYC on September 17th and has grown into a worldwide movement that has protests going on in over 200 cities across America and has even spread across continents. In NYC there has been an incredible outpouring of support from the general public as well as the larger work unions.

From the beginning of this peaceful protest the NYPD have committed horrible acts of police brutality and arrested thousands of people, infringing on the Amendments that give Americans the right to peacefully assemble. The Higher Concept (THC) has visited these amazing protestors down in Liberty Plaza, and were upset to see how unfamiliar our friends and family with the protests based on the little coverage it has received in mainstream media outlets.  Inspired by the voice of the people, THC wrote a song and put together a music video showcasing what has been happening in NYC over the past three weeks. The video showcases the police brutality and is our attempt to help get the word out about this movement, which is attempting to bring the power back to the people of our once great country.

The media is not bringing much light to the movement and as big as it has become, few still even know that it exists.  The purpose of THC covering this historical event is to make others aware of what is happening, and to show that every voice matters. even yours.  We urge you to post this video on your blog so more people can be aware of what is going on across the country. We hope our song/video, with your help, will bring more people aboard. Join us in doing something about the corruption before it’s to late.  Please also visit any of the numerous websites run by the citizens that are more heavily involved in the Occupy Movement. Thank you for your time.

Link to song download: http://soundcloud.com/thehigherconcept-1/the-higher-concept-thc-occupy

American Way (Official Video)

Here we are with our first single from our upcoming release, “Everybody”. The track, “American Way”, was produced by Mike Cash, and directed by Dan Meyers.  Stay Tuned for more from “Everybody” VERY SOON!

Here It Is

While recording a few tracks for the new Emilio Sparks album, we did this one, “Here It Is” produced by Mike Cash.  Check out the session!


Toast To Life